Tourboats Nicolaas Maes and Cornelis Schuyt

For shipping company ’t Smidtje from Amsterdam this design was made for a 18 meter typical tourboat for the Amsterdam canals. Two vessels, the Nicolaas Maes and Cornelis Schuyt have been delivered in April 2015 to this design.  The vessel has a classical appearance in line with the other ships of the company. The vessel is designed for touring the Amsterdam canals, but also parties for a maximum number of 80 passengers. Propulsion is hybrid, with an electric motor, solarpanels on the roof and an emergency generator for charging the batteries. The ship is equiped with a large aft deck, a toilet and large opening roof.

Company        : ‘t Smidtje

Length o.a.      : 17.95 m
Length w.l.      :  17.60 m
Beam              :   4.00 m
Draft               :   1.12 m
Engine            : 1x 40kW electric motor
Material           : steel
Year                : 2015
Displacement  : 27 ton